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  • We provide the Solutions for  360 Virtual Tours  and IT Solutions with HD Quality and Service

    Virtual real photography is an art to combine a set of photographs so that a single image of the complete scene is produced. The complete scene is viewed when rotating about a single central position.

This is done by merging a number of photographs taken in a multi-row 360 degree rotation; Computer generated image can also be coordinated in complete scene. The complete digital image is seen in a panoramic view where “the viewer” is placed in the centre of a cylinder or a sphere onto which is projected a 360 degree wrap-around image. For this photographs are taken from all the direction including ceiling and floor. No corner or spot is left uncovered. When detailed photography is complete our experts turn these photographs into a single pleasant image, the result is a virtual tour. You feel you are actually in that place. Come to Golive360 for expert 360 virtual tours and feel increase in volume of your business.

Our Core Values

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      Professional Photographers, Software engineers & Marketing professionals, who is aligned to provide solution for each and every client’s required features in services.


      • Pyramid Systems is a online media agency
      • Our services includes Web Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Photography
      • Specialize in providing 360 degrees virtual tour photography for showcasing properties.
      • Industry served Hospitality, Real Estate, Corporates, Hospitals, Education Institute.
      • Sixth year of operations
      • Serviced more than 500 clients

      Giving ourselves a leadership workup and setting up short term goals with customer satisfaction and delivering quality as the objective, we have ventured into online business with our brand GOLIVE360.


      • Website Design & Development
      • Mobile Application Development
      • 360 Degree Panoramic Presentation
      • Corporate Video / Film
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Still Photography
      • Domain & Hosting Services

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