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Marka Meglio została stworzona przez wiodącego włoskiego producenta chemii gospodarczej. Dzięki doskonałym składnikom cała linia MEGLIO cechuje się niezwykłą jakością i skutecznością, wyznaczając wysokie standardy w kategorii chemii gospodarczej.

Stangeland Glassfiber

Stangeland Glassfiber Produkter AS was established 2000 with the aim of marketing and sales of composite materials for Norwegian oil and gas industry.

Main market is the Oil & Gas industry and transport sector. We have offices in Bedriftsvegen 33, Klepp station and warehouse is located at Kvernelandsveien 143, Sandnes.

Glassfiber Produkter has established procedures and operates in accordance with ISO9001: 2015 and are qualified supplier under Achilles, JQS and TransQ qualification system.

Envi Care

We are manufactures & suppliers of Automatic & Semi Automatic composting machines, Heavy Duty shredder, Waste Shredders, Agro Shredders,etc. These machines are designed & fabricated with top class raw material & advanced methodologies.

We have started our organization with dream of social impact by providing sustainable solutions to environment. Our motto is “ I care for an Environment”. We have developed such solutions for organic & bio-degradable waste at affordable cost.

The Panday Group

To build and design an environment of luxury must be set with the foundation of detail, focus and quality. Our experienced group of interior designers, construction professionals and animation team are here to assist our clients to build their vision of a luxury lifestyle. Our 3D Interior Design and Architectural Animation team brings forward the desired vision to life by virtually incorporating products, design concepts and inspirational requests. The Panday Group Construction Ltd.

M.K.College of Engineering & Technological Research

M.K.College of Engineering & Technological Research is a place without limits where teaching, research, service,and innovation merge to improve lives in Gujarat and beyond.We aren't afraid to ask bigger questions, to get better answers.

The MKCETR is one of the world's preemient public Institution.Our impact on individuals, our region, and the world is profound, whether we are launching young people into a boundless future or confronting the grand challenges of our time.

UK’s Premier Dry Ice Blasting service

Dry ice cleaning is a much more suitable alternative to traditional sandblasting and shot blasting methods, that are messy and abrasive and banned from certain restoration processes. This process has become the preferred method of paint removal from oak beams, as it does not damage the wood, and leaves tool marks/ritual marks intact, and allows us to sympathetically blast timbers that have suffered from woodworm damage. Cleaning, or stripping the beams then allows the timbers to have effective woodworm treatment applied, to ensure the longevity of the wood.

Vishesh School

Pragati foundation is a non-commercial NGO working since 2016 with a motive of care, health and awareness in society. We will started our new social needs children center (with perform early intervention, assessment and learning). We are talking about people which has been own world from normal world (the Learning Disabled Children Special needs children). They are having their own life, own world where they enjoy moments in unique with motive of care and education development in society and help special children to attain maximum potential in life.

At ENC, we move people. Safely, reliably and comfortably. We do it with six superior models of buses for sale or lease, a variety of floor plans and options, and they’re all carefully crafted one at a time. Whether you’re considering on-campus transportation, in-city transit, adding to your airport shuttle fleet, or interested in paratransit needs, we cover numerous types of public transport. Life moves fast. But your passengers should always enjoy the journey.

A customer visits and places an order The customer pays the seller directly via PayPal , or Credit/Debit Card. Platzo tells the seller about the sale The seller confirms the payment with PayPal or Credit cards.The seller ships directly to the buyer via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or another qualified carrier

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Radhika Beach Resort


Boulevard 9 (nadiad)


Kotsamar Beach Resort


Treat Resort


CIMS Hospital


Shalby Hospital




BAPS Shastriji Maharaj Hospital


NH Hospital


Karnavati Hospital


Sunflower Hospital


Sanjivani Hospital








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עמותת "אותות", עמותה רשומה שלא למטרות רווח, הוקמה ב-1983, על מנת לתת מענה חוץ-ביתי בקהילה לבני נוער וצעירים בסיכון מאוכלוסיות קצה. היא מציעה טיפול במסגרות חוץ-ביתיות ליותר מ-2300 בני נוער וצעירים בשנה, וכל מסגרותיה פועלות בפיקוח משרד הרווחה.

העמותה מפעילה 34 מסגרות ופתרונות דיור לבני נוער וצעירות וצעירים בפריסה ארצית ומעניקה להם, במסגרות אלו, טיפול, חינוך ושיקום, תוך כדי שילובם בקהילה הסובבת. היא מציעה פתרונות לבני נוער וצעירים מרקעים שונים ומפעילה מסגרות ייעודיות, למגזר היהודי ולמגזר הערבי וכן למגזרים הדתי והחרדי ולקהילת הלהט"ב."

Search: Once you have finalized listing you have to search flats in the preferred area. You can search the desired flat using many options like email alerts or getting in touch with the appropriate person.

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